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About Sweeney Construction

We are a residential building corporation that has been in business since 1976. We primarily serve as the general contractor in the construction of new custom homes as well as additions and renovations to existing homes in Burlington and surrounding counties in New Jersey.

Our Background

Our company started over 40 years (47 years) ago and was incorporated in 1982.

We are a small construction company that builds (constructs) custom homes, and additions

and performs interior and exterior renovations in the southern New Jersey area. We pride

ourselves on our organization and communication skills with our customers and sub-

contractors. We are not a "sub-only" company. We are builders whose management is on-site on a

day-to-day basis, in order to ensure that our high standards are maintained. We

have a long history of completing quality projects on schedule. We also take great pride

in the level of craftsmanship that is displayed in all of our work. It is our feeling that a

small company structure is best suited for residential buildings. We only take on one or

two large projects at a time in order to give each project the attention needed.

Tom Sweeney is the founder of the company. Tom graduated from Fairfield

University in 1969. After realizing that high school teaching was not suited for him, he

began working as an apprentice to a custom builder in the area. Eventually, Tom gained

enough experience to go out on his own and started his own company in 1976. The

business was incorporated in 1982. Since then, Sweeney Construction Company has

completed many successful projects from small interior remodels to 10,000-square-foot

custom homes.

Sweeney Construction Company is a family-owned and operated company. Tom’s son

Mike worked for the company during time off from High School and College. After

graduating from Gettysburg College in 1990, Mike began working full-time for Sweeney

Construction Company and has done so ever since.

Our company and its employees have a great deal of experience in the residential

construction industry. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work. We will

always take pride in craftsmanship and the courtesy we extend to our customers and their

homes. Every construction project and customer is unique, and we are accustomed to

working in homes with many unique situations.

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